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We are charged for audit services by external auditor bodies, but at the same time we assume internal and self-assessment audits as well. We release certifications for the following systems:

  • GMP
  • IFS
  • BRC
  • ISO 26262

Classification of audits

There are two main questions to answer if we would like two get the basic categories of the audits.

These are:

  • who conducts the audit?
  • what is the subject of the audit?

According to the auditor we can speak about:

  • Internal audits

Independent audits: are outside of the customer-supplier influence. Third-party independent audits are frequently relied on for licensing, certification, or product approval.

Internal audits and assessments: this involves auditing your own organization to discover evidence of what is occurring inside the organization (self-assessment). These have restrictions on their scope, and the findings should not be shared outside the organization.

  • External audits

External audits: involve your customer auditing you, or you auditing your supplier. The goal is to ensure the expected level of performance as mutually agreed upon in their contracts.

According to the subject of monitoring the followings can be distinguished:

  • Product audits
  • Process audits
  • System audits
  • Financial audit
  • Operational audit
  • Integrated audit
  • Compliance audit
  • Administrative audit
  • Information systems certification and/or accreditation

Product audits: the product audit is the assessment of the final product/service and its qualification for use evaluated versus the intent of the purpose of the product/service. It ensures a thorough inspection of a final product before delivery to a supplier or a customer. By thoroughly inspecting the final product, it aims at improving quality, increasing profitability, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is necessary for a product to go through this process in order to determine if it meets specifications.

Process audits: is the assessment of the process method to determine whether the activities or sequence of activities meet the published requirements. The checking of the inputs, actions, and outputs to verify the process performance are involved in the monitoring.

System audits: seek to evaluate the management of the system, including its configuration. The auditor is interested in the team members' activities, control environment, event monitoring, how customer needs are determined, who provides authorization, how changes are implemented, preventative maintenance, and so forth, including incident response capability.



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