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The information security management standard ISO 27001 and its code of practice ISO 27002 were last updated almost a decade ago.

A new iteration of ISO 27002 is due to be published in January 2022, and a revised version of ISO 27001 will follow.

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The final ISO 45001 international standard for occupational safety and health management systems could be published as early as February 2018, according to a communiqué by the International Organisation for Standardization this week.

The publication, which is earlier than many predicted, will only happen if the ballot due on 25 January is successful, says the ISO communiqué. The working group that is part of ISO/PC 283 – the project committee developing the standard – met in Malacca City in Malaysia from 18-23 September to discuss the 1,600 comments submitted earlier this year to the public consultation on the second draft standard, DIS2.

DIS2 was subject to a ballot of 69 national standards bodies in May and June and produced a result of 88% in favour of approving the latest draft.

The working party amended the draft text and submitted it to the chair of PC 283 and the ISO central secretariat to determine whether any of the revisions are “technical” changes.

If they are judged to be so, a vote would be required on the final draft international standard (FDIS), which will be issued at the end of November, says the latest announcement.

The usual translation period for an FDIS is two weeks, this has been extended to four. The ballot is scheduled to be complete on 25 January 2018.

If the FDIS ballot is successful, there will then be a short period of final preparation of the text, before ISO 45001 is published in February 2018.

ISO 45001 is expected to replace the British Standard OHSAS 18001. A three-year transition period is anticipated after the final standard is published.

The new standard has arrived!

ALFA-CON Ltd. is one of the highlighted sponsors of the Hungarian version. We offer comprehemsive sample documentation for your organization to adopt the new standard. Contact us for free consultation.

The ALFA-CON Ltd. has been awarded with the „Responsible Consultant Professional Card" in July 2014. ALFA-CON Ltd. complies with the professional and ethic criteria determined by the Alliance of Hungarian Tender Managers and Consultants (in Hungarian: PÁTOSZ).

Our consultancy team has carried out a new ISO 26262 project successfully.

We accomplished the following tasks:

  • FMEA training,
  • ISO 26262 interpretation and analysis,
  • FMEA implementation,
  • ISO 26262 documentation preparation,
  • ISO 26262 internal verification,
  • ISO 26262 management monitoring,
  • Organization of auditing to ISO 26262, participation and consultancy.

The certification was conducted by a london-based certification body.

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